From our base in  South Western Australia, we have grown to become one of the largest exporter of carrots in Middle East and Asia. From a trusted base of buyers, we have increased these quality lines to include berries, avovadoes potatoes and melons. We have further grown the company to include subsidiaries in the Middle East and South Africa. Our preffered freight partners include Emirates and MSC Shipping, ensuring goods are on time, every time. 

Product                                     Availability                                            Origin

Carrots                                        Year Round                                         Western Australia

Brown Onions                            Year Round                                         Western Australia

Potatoes (different varieties)   Year Round                                         Western Australia

Strawberries                              June to November                            Western Australia

Avocadoes                                June to November                             Western Australia

Melons                                       July to December                              Western Australia

50 000sqm Myalup Pack Shed